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My name is Kenneth Ramey owner of V.Q. Gunworks LLC. 


I am a fully Certified Firearms Appraiser and Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer (FFL).  We provide appraisals for insurance, estates and other legal circumstances including divorce and bankruptcy.  As the recent forest fires have highlighted  a professional and complete appraisal of your firearms makes the insurance headache much more manageable.   Our Appraisals forms are concise and detailed with three comparisons, when available, and include a full photo set of the firearm.  You receive the Appraisals in a pdf format which is emailed to you or choose as an addition a customized  memory stick with the full Appraisals for your safety deposit box or safe.


Our specialty is in the appraisal and legal liquidation of firearms due to a death, medical issues or any other personal circumstances. 


We have seen a surge in seniors who have no outlet to help them legally divest themselves of their firearms due to a spouse’s death, medical condition or moving to a care facility.  This has become our specialty, helping seniors legally liquidate and store their firearms.  Many of them have been extremely surprised in what these forgotten assets are worth.  The removal of this stress and the financial windfall they receive has greatly increased their quality of life.  


You may not be aware, Oregon passed the “Oregon Firearms Safety Act of 2015” which restricted the private transfer of firearms to only be processed through a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer (FFL) pursuant to a background check.


With the passage of SB 554 during 2021 session of the legislator of which one provision includes strict rules for the securing and storing of firearms.  Under the newly enacted law you can be held strictly and criminally liable for the criminal acts of someone who has stolen a firearm from you.  It will no longer be legal to simply store your firearms in a closet.  An approved lockable safe, Gun Room or trigger locking device is now going to be required during storage and traveling with the firearm.  With the ever-changing environment of firearm laws, it is very difficult for the average citizen to be aware of and legally comply with the law.


We can assist you by purchasing all your firearm's and accessories or help you liquidate your firearms and accessories by consignment.  


Please contact us today to help you with this extremely complex issue.
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